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About GoldCore Bullion Services

Introducing GoldCore
Founded in 2003, GoldCore are now one of the UK’s largest and most trusted gold brokers. GoldCore have been serving their UK clients through their London office since 2005 and have become one of the leading gold brokers in the UK. Goldcore serves clients throughout the UK and in over 45 countries internationally.

GoldCore are frequent contributors to UK media and have been quoted and interviewed by the Financial Times, the Telegraph, Money Week, the BBC and many others.

GoldCore frequently appear in international media (CNBC, Bloomberg, CNN, Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones, Associated Press, Reuters etc.) and take part in the Bloomberg and CNBC Gold Surveys and the Reuters Precious Metals Poll.

GoldCore have over 4,200 clients, many of them British, with over $200 million in assets under management and storage. We offer mass-affluent, HNW, UHNW and institutional investors, including financial advisers and family offices, gold bullion for delivery and storage in the safest jurisdictions in the world.

About GoldCore
GoldCore are respected international gold brokers who have provided precious metal bullion delivery and storage to UK clients since 2003. GoldCore won an award in 2006 when we correctly warned about the risk of property bubble and of a global financial crisis. Those who took our advice managed to protect and grow their wealth in recent years.

GoldCore are experts in the execution and logistics of the highly specialised precious metals market. We specialize in providing the safest bullion (gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins and bars) ownership, in the safest jurisdictions in the world.

We have partnered with some of the most trusted names globally in the precious metals industry, and offer a range of choices for UK clients who wish to acquire and store precious metals securely. We are regularly quoted in the UK and internationally, as recognised experts in our field.
Our team of experts service all investor classes in the UK from private individuals to companies and institutional investors. Whether you are a small or large investor looking to take delivery or arrange for secure, trusted insured storage, GoldCore has a solution to suit your needs.

GoldCore offer a range of precious metal products and services including GoldCore Secure Storage, Perth Mint Certificates, GoldSaver (gold accumulation program) and bullion coin and bar delivery.

Our bullion trading platform is one of the most sophisticated and safest in the industry. Bullion coins and bars are individually allocated and segregated under direct client control and ownership. Bullion is owned in ultra safe vaults strictly outside the global banking system, eliminating virtually all counterparty risk exposure.

GoldCore understand the importance of reputation when a client chooses a precious metals partner. Our reputation is hard won and built on experience, knowledge, award-winning research and a dedication to delivering client satisfaction. We are known for balanced, jargon free and honest advice.

Trust is earned one client at a time and one partner at a time. The calibre of our logistical network ranges from government mints in some of the world’s safest precious metal producing countries, to the safest global storage providers in the world.

GoldCore Understanding
We believe in the importance of helping people to protect and grow their wealth with the provision of the safest forms of precious metals ownership — physical bullion coins and bars.

We educate our community about the modern monetary and financial system, why diversification is important, and how a precious metals diversification remains an important way to protect and grow wealth in today’s uncertain world.

The value of precious metals is defined by the international financial markets and driven by the underlying fundamentals of supply and demand coupled with global macroeconomic fundamentals.

At GoldCore, we understand that nobody can predict the future movement of any market. Dispelling the myths about precious metal investing is the central tenet upon which we have built our business and reputation. This allows us to continually deliver on our clients’ expectations and it is why our clients return.

GoldCore Choice
When investing in precious metals, the options are manifold. At GoldCore we differentiate between these options based on our client’s desire for proximity to their precious metal. Whether our clients are taking personal possession of their precious metal or opting to own allocated gold in a vault in London or Switzerland, each method has implications from the perspective of counterparty risk, jurisdiction risk, title, cost, liquidity and price. Our product suite has something to suit all investors.

GoldCore Innovation
As client needs differ, so too does the ideal method of investing in precious metals. GoldCore strive to provide the optimum solution to meet our client’s needs. GoldCore are dedicated to being an industry leader in the provision of precious metal investment solutions and a pioneer of product innovation. Meeting the needs of our clients ranges from manufacturing usage and commodity investment to protecting an investment portfolio from macroeconomic, geopolitical, systemic, and monetary risks.

The GoldCore Approach
Our corporate philosophy acknowledges that a business can only be built by delivering on the promises that it makes. GoldCore delivers what we say, when we say it, in the manner in which we say. At GoldCore we pride ourselves on being asset diversification specialists. We understand that the bedrock of portfolio performance lies firmly in the decisions made during the asset allocation process. Our Bullion Services team provides access to a suite of precious metal products for institutional, corporate and retail investors alike.

GoldCore welcomes the opportunity to put our skills and our independent approach to help protect and grow the wealth of our UK clients.

Why makes GoldCore different?
GoldCore is an award winning bullion services provider, and the EU’s only approved dealer for the government backed Perth Mint Certificate Programme. We have partnered with some of the leading names globally in the precious metals industry, and offer a range of choices for UK clients wishing to acquire and store precious metals securely. We are regularly quoted in the UK and international press, online financial media, and financial news television channels as recognised experts in our field.

Is GoldCore Regulated?
The provision of precious metals and related services do not require a regulation. GoldCore was regulated from 2005 until July 2018, operating a successful wealth management business in the Republic of Ireland. This business was sold in 2015. While maintaining the highest operational standards, GoldCore decided to deregulate of its own volition in July 2018. GoldCore felt, given the sale of our wealth management business in 2015, that regulation was no longer needed and arguably represented a degree of risk that was not warranted. The world’s largest gold market based in London is essentially self-regulating and is administered by the industry body the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).

Is GoldCore financially stable?
We are a private limited company and as such our audited accounts are available for anyone to view by searching for us on the company register in the Republic of Ireland – Our company number is 377252. We are happy to provide any interested party with the contact details of our auditors, bank and legal representatives.

Where are your offices?
Our head office is situated on Carmanhall Road, Sandyford in Ireland’s capital city Dublin. We also have an office at No.1 Cornhill in the City of London. We use the London office for pre-arranged client meetings and media events.