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The Perth Mint Certificate Programme

For first time buyers of gold and silver bullion or those looking to select a new storage partner, there are a number of key benefits that differentiate The Perth Mint Certificate Programme:

  • Owned by the Government of Western Australia, The Perth Mint operates under an explicit Government Guarantee meaning your metal holdings are 100% physically backed and insured.
  • Located in one of the most secure geopolitical environments on the planet and operating the most extensive network of central bank grade vaults in the southern hemisphere, The Perth Mint is a true safe haven for precious metals storage.
  • Operating since 1899, The Perth Mint is backed by over a century of refining and minting excellence – trusted to produce the highest purity gold and silver bullion for clients across the globe.
  • The Perth Mint is one of the few refiners in the world accredited by all five major commodity exchanges - LBMA, COMEX, SGE, TOCOM and DMCC. Held to the highest standards of reliability, accuracy and integrity, all precious metals are responsibly sourced.

Perth Mint Certificates are one of the safest and most cost-effective methods of investing in gold, silver and platinum.

The Perth Mint Certificate Programme (PMCP) is operated by the Perth Mint of Western Australia, a mint wholly owned by the Government of Western Australia.

The PMCP allows UK investors, savers, and pension funds to own investment grade gold, silver and platinum bullion. Please note that only gold can be held in a pension fund, silver and platinum are excluded.

The Perth Mint is the trading name of Gold Corporation. It is the successor organisation of the Royal Mint’s Perth branch that was founded in 1899. The certificate programme is fully guaranteed by the Government of Western Australia. The government has received an AA+ rating from international rating agencies. PMCP is the only government-guaranteed certificate programme in the world.

GoldCore was appointed as an authorised dealer for PMCP in 2005, and we are one of a select few authorised dealers of the service in the world.

Why the Perth Mint Certificate Programme?

PMCP enables you to safely trade and store precious metals through The Perth Mint’s exclusive network of authorised distributors. Unlike other investment programs, which run online or through an app, PMCP issues physical Precious Metal Certificates as proof of legal ownership for every trade that you make. In the age of digital assets, such tangibility becomes very powerful, offering you greater protection against cyber risks or technological failure.

Only Government Guaranteed certificate programme in the world

Every ounce of metal is fully insured under The Perth Mint’s Government Guarantee, keeping your holdings safe and protected under any and every circumstance.

100% Physically backed

With a global distribution network, you can redeem your metal holdings and have it delivered to your doorstep at any time.

Held to the highest standards, you’ll receive LBMA accredited, investment grade bullion.

Trusted & certified

Each time you make a trade, you’ll receive a unique physical Certificate in your name, detailing your precious metal holdings.

Redemptions can only be made against the physical certificate, providing assurance of the safety of your holdings – legally entitled to you and only you.

No storage fees*

There are no storage fees or fabrication costs for *unallocated holdings, making the Perth Mint Certificate Programme one of the most cost-effective ways to own precious metals in the world.